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Newsletter: Spring 2023

It's a newsletter! It's a blog! It's both!

Just a reminder that everything on my site is on sale (50% off on orders over $50 when you use the code PORK50). Check me out modelling some of my tank tops:

Hooray For You

Tank Top (black or pink)


I'll admit I cinched the back with a little tape in that one ☝️ and made sure the lighting was just right so it would show off my greying armpit hair.

Hula Girl

Tank Top (navy blue)


Now in this one ☝️ you can tell I was once a professional model, the way my hand is casually posed on my hip just so. Also note the smudge of dust on my tum-tum, it says: "I am a real person who sometimes leans against furniture. I am like you."

Supplies of these hand-printed tees & tanks are dwindling, so if you want something that's no longer in stock at my website porkpiebrand.com you can instead get them at Threadless in every conceivable size & colour, plus they are right now having a sale of cheap $15 t-shirts.

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