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Protecting LGBTQ+ youth and queer spaces.
I'm on the far left in the the bucket hat holding up a sign. Alt-right jerks are just above my head, plus the Rebel Media people who you can't see because of the umbrellas.

Today we outnumbered fascists 20:1 and it was beautiful. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 In solidarity with friends old & new, we held our ground and protected queer kids. We turned the hate into a street party, and that's because we're better at building community than haters will ever be.

We have spent decades building safe 2SLGBTQI+ spaces with our bodies and our blood, we are not afraid of fascists & transphobes & racists, and we never never back down. We dance on their hate and paint a rainbow over it.

Thank you to the organizers! ❤️ And thank you to the queer "Umbrella Brigade" punks for shielding us from their biggot camera crew, you guys rocked.

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