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Holiday Sale: Threadless

Arrangement of five different graphic t-shirts, showing different designs by PORK-PIE:

As you know, I have TWO online shops.

  1. My personal shop is where I ship hand-printed tees from home.
  2. The second shop is hosted on Threadless; they sell "print on demand" products with my designs, made in the US, and shipped worldwide. (Yes I get a commission.)

Right now, that second shop has everything on sale (from 15-35% off), PLUS they have a $15 T-Shirt Sale. This price applies to these four styles of tees:

  • Regular and Fitted Tees
  • Extra Soft Tees
  • Classic Tees
  • Regular and Deep V-Necks

Can you get order t-shirts in different colours and sizes? Yes 😊

What else is on sale?

Cushions, duvet covers, towels, bathmats, framed prints, and lots more:


Until December 15, 2022, for all orders over $99, Threadless is offering free US shipping or $10 flat-rate international shipping. When should you expect your order to arrive? I can't guarantee that because all items purchased on Threadless ship from the US (unlike my personal shop, where I ship from my home), but the they have created this guide to help:

What else is happening?

I'm working on a Frank Bottom comic strip and here's a peek at that:

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