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Clean Air in BC Schools

I'm part of this group and we're all pretty stoked at this victory!
Illustration of teacher & 3 students at a screen displaying air quality. Behind them an open window blows clean air.

Proud to be part of a great group of people who won a huge victory this past weekend. Several months ago I joined a Health & Safety Working Group at Vancouver DPAC ("District Parent Advisory Council" BECAUSE IMMA GRAMPA NOW) after seeing how many kids & teachers were getting sick in schools from poor ventilation and air filtration (this has been especially worsened during COVID).

Our resolution to improve Indoor Air Quality #IAQ in BC schools was presented & voted on at the the BCCPAC AGM on this past weekend and it received ✨unanimous support✨ from their membership. They accepted ALL our recommendations. This puts us on a provincial platform (instead of just a local district one) with the support and help of the Ministry of Education & Childcare, to improve all schools across the province, so there's a lot of work ahead but I'm looking forward to it and to other projects with the amazing people at Safe Schools Coalition BC & Protect our Province BC.

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