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No Police in Pride

“Stonewall Never Happened:” Miss Major on the Broken Promise of Our Movement’s Most Famous Uprising
“For my gurls, it’s as if Stonewall never happened because it didn’t change anything for us.”
[The police are] the most harmful things to our very fucking existence. I’m thrilled any time someone is challenging those motherfuckers regarding what Pride is. Because most people don’t know what Pride is about. The anguish, and the hurt, and the reason why Pride started in the first place — it was an anti-cop event. Look, yes — I know there are trans police officers. You have Black people who are police officers, and women police officers. All that’s cute, but guess what: It’s blue first, your other allegiances second. Once you get on that blue, child, it goes straight through to your brain, dyes your brain blue, and you’re no longer whoever the fuck you were before. So no, they don’t need to be there. That’s where their loyalty lies. So stay the fuck away from me. They’ve been beating us the fuck up and continue to do so, while showing everybody else how to beat us up and kill us. So if the police are there, don’t expect me there.

—Miss Major: https://www.them.us/story/miss-major-speaks-excerpt

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