Attack of The Clones

Interesting article:

…the culture of the clone — from its nascence in the fuzzy in-between of Stonewall and AIDS, to its modern manifestation in the blank faces and vapid lives of identical Instagram hunks — puts forward an aesthetic of conformity to traditionally hegemonic values of white masculinity, thus granting access to the spoils of the system to which Queer people have historically been denied.

I’m on Threadless

I’ve been wanting to add my designs to a good POD service (“print-on-demand”) so here it is finally:

The benefit of course is that you can now order my designs on ANY colour or style of t-shirt or tank top, PLUS on dozens of other garments and products as well. Another benefit for me is now having to physically manage all these items or worry about shipping, etc… and the prices and quality are really great.