Space Ghost 2020

Last February I decided to do a study of the opening title sequence of the old 1966 Space Ghost cartoon. I extracted the audio from a clip I found, redrew it shot for shot, and edited it into an animatic. I had fun doing this and want to do another similar short project this year. Someone suggested doing the same thing again using The Herculoids, but I’d like to do something totally different.

Tommy Sparks

I always liked this song (from 12 years ago this month!) and I love the video even more so. It’s just so absurd and silly and fun. Not taking itself seriously at all.

Advice from Ghosts : Sigmund Freud

Wonderful short by Thu Tran, which I found on her Instagram.

Man’s Country

I love this, it’s an old ad for a gay bathhouse! Man’s Country was a Chicago bathhouse (this YouTube link mistakenly claims it was in New York) that opened in 1972, one of the oldest in the country (it closed down in 2017). I’m amazed this actually was broadcast, even late at night on a local TV station. It’s kinda perfect.