My Home Office/Studio

Here’s a vanity post of my home office/studio space. It’s decorated with the typical assortment of tchotchkes, books, and artwork (by various friends plus some of my own).

The couch converts to a bed for when the grandkid sleeps over (or when either my husband or I are too restless to sleep). The leather daddy throw pillow is one of my designs, which you can get Threadless. The quality is amazing.

Desk was from a store called Noob, which no longer exists. My painting table was $20 on Craigslist. Office chair is IKEA, probably 10 years old and still very comfortable. My Cintiq is an old 13 HD model, which I prefer to the giant models (although it needs a booster seat as you can see). My t-shirts are stored in a vertical storage rack, which tucks neatly away inside the closet. Yes I have a balcony. 💅

While I wasn’t crazy about our rent doubling when we moved here two years ago, the extra space (especially this office) made an enormous difference to our quality of life, especially with me working from home (until… forever at this point??). It’s closer to the park, (relatively) quieter, the building is much cleaner, and the laundry room is just a few steps from our door. When you rent that’s a big deal.

Our previous tiny 1B apartment not only ended up jacking the rent so high it’s nearly what we pay here for a 2B, and weeks ago announced to the tenants that they’re selling the building, so it’ll eventually be demolished in a couple years. How long will we be here? We can’t afford to move anymore, so… forever?